Inner Athlete Training


Episode #15

Inner Athlete Training: James Jankiewicz Interviews Natasha Coughlin, MS, RDN, HHC, concerning the impact of nutrition on Mental Health. We cover everything from anxiety to depression and how food, herbals, and supplements can assist in the conditions and are much safer than medication.

Episode #14

The first in a series of short film/podcasts. James Jankiewicz from Inner Athlete Training interviews Dr. Azizi Seixas, assistant professor NYU Langone Health, on his expertise concerning the importance of sleep.

Episode #13

In this episode of the Inner Athlete Training Podcast James Jankiewicz interviews Shane Hobel, the founder of The Mountain Scout Survival School. Shane is the real deal when it comes to living off the land, tracking, fire building etc. We discuss how he founded the school and his life long investment in learning ancestral skills from the Native Americans. A must listen!

Episode #12

In this episode of Inner Athlete Training I interview Rob Klein. Rob is a personal trainer and a wellness coach who has MS (Multiple Sclerosis) We discuss how to both stay motivated and how to motivate others when you are dealing with a challenging condition. Rob's ability to deal with his condition while helping others is truly inspiring.

Episode #11

On this episode of The Inner Athlete Trainer we explore all you need to know about Vitamin D.

Episode #10

On this episode of Inner Athlete Training James Jankiewicz interviews Martha McKittrick. Martha is a registered Dietician who specializes in treating women with PCOS naturally. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects a woman’s hormone levels.

Episode #9

In this version of The Inner Athlete Training Podcast James Jankiewicz interviews Rick Prince: Founder of UESCA (United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy) to discuss the 5 top running myths. The Myths begin around 8:35​ so you can jump to there if you want to get right into it.

Episode #8

In this episode James Jankiewicz interviews Martin Rooney, world renown coach to top athletes and pro teams. Martin is also a best selling author of several books including his most recent: Coach to Coach, and is a sought after speaker having presented to colleges, military organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. James and Martin discuss the art and nuances of coaching, inspiring all to to realize we are all coaches is some form or another.