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Inner Athlete


Inner Athlete Training was founded by James Jankiewicz in order to bring an integration of movement, nutrition, and meditation to the masses.  Based on over 25 years of experience in the wellness and fitness industries, James saw a glaring need for a new way of thinking that combines modern science with ancient wisdom.

James has and continues to present wellness related workshops and lectures for several Fortune 500 companies throughout the finance and entertainment industries. Topics range from nutrition to stress management to self defense. 


The brand is both a practical and education-based enterprise. Podcasts, articles, videos, and short films communicate everything from the latest trends in fitness, nutrition, and wellness, in addition to the history of physical culture, medicine and the philosophical ideas that drive them.


James Jankiewicz’s academic accomplishments include the following:


Undergraduate degree in Human

Nutrition and Dietetics / Philosophy

Masters degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion 


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist / National Strength and Conditioning Association 


HKC Certified Kettle Bell Instructor 


UESCA Certified Running Coach

Certified Mental Health Integrated Medicine Provider

Certified Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach 

Certified ACSM Exercise is Medicine Ambassador

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